Was Donald Trump elected or appointed?

“The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”

George Orwell

To finance the Vietnam war, in the year 1971, Richard Nixon made the unilateral cancellation of backing the US$ with gold, reducing the global demand for the  US currency and dropping its value against European currencies. 

To restore the global demand and prevent the further downfall of the US$, in the year 1973, Henry Kissinger persuaded the Saudis to trade their oil exclusively in the US currency.

As long as OPEC kept on trading oil in US$ and didn’t reduce its production, the American currency and economy remained stable.

However, by 2070, the world’s oil reserves will be depleted.

“BP’s annual report on proved global oil reserves says that as of the end of 2013, Earth has nearly 1.688 trillion barrels of crude, which will last 53.3 years at current extraction rates. This figure is 1.1 percent higher than that of the previous year. In fact, during the past 10 years proven reserves have risen by 27 percent, or more than 350 billion barrels.”


Depleting the world’s oil reserves would drastically reduce the demand for American currency, turn it into worthless pieces of paper, and destroy its economy.

To preserve the value of its currency, the USA needs a new source of energy that would be traded exclusively in US$, such as the liquefied natural gas.

The world’s largest liquefied natural gas reserves are located in the Persian Gulf, stretching beneath the territorial waters of Iran and Qatar.

Qatar has already undertaken substantial negotiations with neighbouring countries to allow the construction of its new gas pipeline to supply Europe through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey.

“Qatar has proposed a gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey in a sign the emirate is considering a further expansion of exports from the world’s biggest gasfield after it finishes an ambitious programme to more than double its capacity to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG).”


However, President Assad refused to sign the proposed Qatar pipeline and didn’t its construction on Syrian territory.

“In 2009 – the same year former French foreign minister Dumas alleges the British began planning operations in Syria – Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement with Qatar that would run a pipeline from the latter’s North field, contiguous with Iran’s South Pars field, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey, with a view to supply European markets – albeit crucially bypassing Russia.”


In late 2010, President Assad signed an agreement with Iran and Iraq to construct a new gas pipeline that would supply Europe with gas extracted from Iran instead of Qatar.

“More than a year ago, a $10 billion Pipelineistan deal was clinched between Iran, Iraq and Syria for a natural gas pipeline to be built by 2016 from Iran’s giant South Pars field, traversing Iraq and Syria, with a possible extension to Lebanon.”


Within three months of signing the Russian backed Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline, which was due to be completed in 2016, BBC reported on the first democratic protests in Syria, demanding President Assad’s resignation.

Consequently, in December 2011, US troops pulled out of Iraq, which enabled the establishment of ISIS, a terrorist organisation that set out to destroy the USA using weapons manufactured by their enemy.

However, ISIS was a unique kind of terrorist organisation, Islamic State organisation with a mission to undermine the development of the other Islamic State, Iran, by:

  • Fighting against Assad, an enemy of ISIS’ enemy;
  • Intercepting Assad’s support from Iran: and
  • Preventing the construction of the Iranian gas pipeline through Iraq.

The enemies of Iran and Russia were the only ones who, in fact benefited from ISIS.

When future economies of the two superpowers were dependant on who gets to supply Europe with natural gas, Qatar or Iran, the war between Russia and the USA was imminent.

Compared to the EURO traded gas from Iran, supplying Europe with gas sold in US$ from Qatar would preserve the long-term value of the American currency.

Hillary wanted President Assad removed.

To protect the international reputation that the US means what it says, as the next President, she had to oust the Syrian President, and this required taking out the Russian military presence too!

Therefore, to avoid the imminent war with Russia over Assad, Donald Trump was appointed as the 45th US President.

When ABC News raised concerns over the illegal votes that secured him the presidency, President Trump replied:

“We’re gonna find out. And — and, by the way, when I say you’re gonna find out. You can never really find, you know, there are gonna be — no matter what numbers we come up with there are gonna be lots of people that did things that we’re not going to find out about.”


But, then again, according to President Trump, perhaps you are not supposed to know the “things that we’re not going to find out about.”

11 thoughts on “Was Donald Trump elected or appointed?

  1. “Today the US is actively engaged in weakening the Al-Assad government and is supporting opposition parties. If it is successful, experts predict that Syria, like Iraq, will fall victim to sectarianism and internecine conflict.” — Linda Heard, 2006


  2. What sheer nonsense, a typical example of failed logical thinking, post hoc ergo propter hoc.


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